Research Findings


Indicators of Educational Development: Concept and Definitions

EFA in India: Current Status, Recent Initiatives and Future Prospects

Definitions of 55 Core Educational Indicators

Student Flow and Enrolment Projections

Education in Manifestos: Priorities and Commitments

Reliability of Educational Data in the Context of NCERT Sixth All India Educational Survey

Status of EFA in the Light of National Family Health Survey

Estimates of Underage and Overage Children at School Level

Status of UEE in the Light of NCERT Sixth All India Educational Survey Data

Efficiency and its Correlates: A Cross-State Analysis

Education for All in India: Myth and Reality

A Note on Educational Statistics in India

Development and Utilization of MIS for Literacy Programmes

Indicators to Monitoring Upper Primary Education Programmes

Use of Graphic Presentation of Educational Data

Analysis of Census 2001 Population Data

Role of Diagnosis with Focus on Upper Primary Education

Need of Developing Local Level Information System in India

Educational Development in the North East

Status of Secondary Education in India

A Study on Completion (Cohort) Rate (Tamil Nadu)

Can Universal Secondary Education be Achieved in Near Future?

Non-Formal Education Programmes: A Suggestive Framework of NFE Indicators

MANGO Project: Guidelines for Data Analysis & Information Use, ACCU, Japan Project

Research Under DPEP

Elementary Education in India: Analytical Report 2004

Elementary Education in Un-recognised Schools in India: A Study of Punjab

Universalisation of Secondary Education: CABE Committee Report

 Modules for Quantitative Analysis of Educational Data

Para-Teachers in India: Status and Impact by Geeta Gandhi Kingdon





Fees, Autonomy and Equity by Jandhyala B G Tilak

Free and Compulsory Education:Legislative Intervention by Jandhyala B G Tilak

Educational Development in the North East

Free & Compulsory Education Bill by Sarada Balagopalan

Census Gold Mine by Ashish Bose

Management of Inclusive Education

Universities in the Twenty-First Century