Mehta, C. Arun (India)

Field of
- Others
Use of Quantitative Techniques in Education
Projections and Forecasting of Education   Data
on Expertise
- Working in NIEPA for more than two decades in the areas of Educational Management Information System, Indicators of Educational Development & Projections, and Forecasting of Educational Data.
- Conducted a number of training programmes/seminars in the field of Educational Planning and Administration.
- Served as a consultant of UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank and the Government of India.
- Been to UNESCO PROAP, HIID (USA), Cambridge University (U.K.), Dhaka and Colombo for attending workshops and seminars.
Position and
National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), New Delhi
NIEPA, 17-B Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110016
English, Hindi
and Degree
Ph.D (Statistics): Demographic Projections

Experiences in Literacy Project:

(1) Name of the Project Literacy Resource Centres of ACCU
Name of Organiser Dhaka Ahsania Mission and Rajasthan Adult Education Association
Duration -
Project Location Bangladesh and India
Your Role/
Resource Person on Database/MIS: Development of database on literacy programmes

Major Publication(s):

1. "Investment Priorities and Cost Analysis: A Study of Upper Primary Education in India", Co-author with N.V. Vasyhese, Vikas, Publishing House, New Delhi, 2001.
2. "Education For All: Enrollment Projections in India," Vikas Publishing House Private Limited and NIEPA, New Delhi, 1998.
3. "Population Projections: Sub-national Dimensions," Commonwealth Publishers, Delhi, 1997.
4. "Education For All in India-Myth and Reality," Kanishka Publishers, Delhi, 1995.

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