Selected Educational Statistics


This is one of the important channels of the website: Education for All in India that presents latest data on school education in India most of which were being published by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Selected Educational Statistics (SES) was one of the important publications of the MHRD which is presented for different years. From the year 2012-13, all publications of the Ministry of Education is based on U-DISE data (NIEPA). After the year 2012-13, SES was renamed as Statistics of School Education in India which in the recent years is further renamed as Educational Statistics at a Glance.


Apart from the MHRD and U-DISE, data from the other sources, such as, NCERT's All India Educational Survey, National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) and Census of India have also been covered. Apart from the school education, latest available information collected through the All India Higher Education Survey has also been presented.


In this section, publications brought out by the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of HRD/Education, Government of Education is made available. In addition, a few other publications presenting information on school education in India is also made available.


Note: Users are advised to visit the Official Website of Ministry of HRD and access the original publications released b the Government of India.





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